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Product Review: Nykaa So Creme! Creamy Matte Lipstick

How many lipsticks do you own? Maybe 15 or maybe 30! Who doesn’t want to simply boost their confidence? It is the symbol of a woman’s simmering desires and ambitions, it is a go-to makeup, whether it’s a quick fix or for a good detailed party look. Lipstick is something that changes the whole look. I got my hands on recently launched Nykaa So Creme, creamy matte lipstick in a few amazing nude shades. I gave a try to a handful of them, out of all the shades my favourite one was the Wakeup-Makeup. It is a creamy matte lipstick that nourishes your lips and gives you that perfect matte look. So here I am to give you all a detailed review of how this product comes out and decorates your lips. Come on without wasting a moment, let’s jump into what you need to know! 

Name of the Product

Nykaa So Creme! Creamy Matte Lipstick-Wakeup Makeup.


INR 299 For 4.2 grams


I purchased it from online Nykaa-Makeup/Beauty Shopping app as it was not available anywhere else. Also when I purchased it online at that time there were not any Nykaa stores in my city. 

Product Claims

Nykaa claims that it has a creamy, long-lasting texture. The lipstick is a high pigmented formula, is infused with Vitamin E for a soft, fluffy and flexible finish. Nykaa lipsticks are cruelty-free, safe and free from dangerous chemicals and preservatives. It is really comfortable to wear, it lasts longer and does not bleed. And also prevents your lips from darkening. 

About the Product

You don’t need to apply any lip balm before putting on Nykaa So Creme-Creamy Matte Lipstick because it is a creamy range in matte lipstick and has a creamy matte formula. Up to some extent, it is similar to Maybelline New York’s Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lipstick. These two products are very similar, both, formula wise and price range wise. I personally prefer Nykaa one, but all the makeup junkies out there might have their different opinions. LOL!!  It nourishes the lips very gently and gives the perfect matte look. The shade Wakeup Makeup is a Light Pink Tone Nude, it is a classic nude for girls with light to medium skin tone. It doesn’t appear to be glossy on the lips but does have a sheen to it as it is a creamy formula. When it comes to pigmentation, the Creme! Lipsticks are nicely pigmented.  The shade Wakeup Makeup will show much better if you neutralise your lips before applying the lipstick and cover up all the pigmentation perfectly. The best part is that it is really smooth to apply.

The Packaging of Nykaa Lipstick

Nykaa So Creme! Creamy Matte Lipstick is a complete bullet lipstick which comes in a colour-coded packaging. The name of the lipstick is colour-coded and is clearly mentioned at the bottom of the lipstick. These are really very handy, in case you have to carry them along with you to get a quick fix or a touch-up. You can easily keep them upside down. Another thing that I loved about it is that it comes with the click top packaging so you can be sure that the lipstick is shut and the cap does not come off. 

Pros and Cons


  1. Its products are cruelty-free.
  2. It’s affordable and the quantity is also good.
  3. Not at all patchy and very smooth and easy reapplication.
  4. Does not feel drying at all very comfortable to wear.
  5. The shade is very good and natural.
  6. No prior moisturisation is required when applying.


  1. Ingredients used are not mentioned.
  2. Easily transferable to other surfaces.
  3. Darker shades are obviously more pigmented.

Final Opinion

If we talk of daily wear, then Nykaa So Creme! Creamy Matte lipstick has the best range of shades which are suitable for all the occasions and for both bubbly as well as bold looks. One can wear for college, and it is also very well suited for a formal look on the occasion of any professional setting, especially the prices are very reasonable regarding the product quality and quantity and there’s not any concern about the issue of darkening of lips from its regular use because it is chemical-free. 

This is a candid and unbiased review regarding the Nykaa So Creme! Creamy Matte Lipstick. I personally like Nykaa as a brand. Apart from Nykaa lipstick, I have used their face mask as well. Still, this post is not sponsored by Nykaa. I have totally shared my personal views on the product. Hope that all the information proves to be useful for all the readers out there. 

Don’t forget to share your reviews with me; I would love to know about your feedback and any suggestions regarding my future blogs. Till then take care and stay safe!! 


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