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Product Review- Toner: Nathabit Fresh Distilled Floral Jal

Toning your face is yet another skincare trend which all of us are following these days. Selecting a toner from a hoarded product line is as tricky as finding a pin in a haystack. Using good quality and natural toner is a very important step in a skincare routine. Not only does it keeps your skin refreshed and glowing, but it also gives deep nourishment to the areas where you feel dehydrated and rough. Toner helps in improving the texture and quality of your skin, gives it firmness and keeps its natural glow intact.

Rosewater is something which we can find in almost so many skin toning product. It helps in maintaining the pH balance of your skin and gives it that rosy pink glow. So, I recently got my hands on Nathabit Fresh Distilled Floral Jal and decided to use it a while to share my reviews with you all.

Nathabit is a startup brand which I got to know about recently. One of my friends was using this product and I decided to give it a try. But truly speaking, this is the first product by Nathabit, which I have used and trust me the affordable price of there products are making me try all of their products.

I have tried many toners till now and I think after Biotique’s cucumber toner, this is something which I loved and want to buy again. So without any further adieu, let me share the basic details about the product and finally I will wrap this article with my views on it.

Name of the Product

The name of the products is Nathabit Fresh Distilled Floral Jal. This has a desi touch in it as they use Floral Jal, rather than typical rose water.


The price of the product is quite affordable. It costs of Rs 127 for 100Ml and Rs 89 for 50Ml. Isn’t it nice? Comment down below!


I purchased it from the website as it is not available on any e-commerce platform. I guess as it is a recent startup, may be because of that they are not collaborating with these eCommerce websites at this moment.

Product Claims

Now the most interesting one. Now first of the product claims that it is made through pure steam-distilled and truly speaking this sounds very intriguing. Furthermore, Nathabit claims that their products are inspired by Indian Natural recipes and are freshly prepared in beauty kitchens. It also claims to be 100% Natural, Kitchen made, Glycerin free, chemical-free, alcohol-free.

The website says that Nathabit Fresh Distilled Floral Jal is one of the best skin toners from Mother Nature. The rosewater maintains pH like no other. It gives the softest, tightest, clearest skin possible.

How to Use

  1. Cleanse your face properly.
  2. Spray directly on your face from the distance of 15cm and let it get absorbed.
  3. Use it before moisturizing and let it penetrate deep into your skin
  4. You can also mix this product into any face mask, gel or face wash to get additional toning and pore reduction.

Ingredient List:

  1. Rose Petals
  2. Water


I adore the packaging of Nathabit Fresh Distilled Floral Jal. It is simple and nothing extravagant. The sturdy packaging is amazing. It comes in a spray bottle and makes the toning process easy. It ensures the hygienic disposal of the product. Being super lightweight, the product is easy to carry. I feel luxurious while spraying the product on my face and neck. The bottles help in spraying the product very easily and evenly on my face.  The best part is, it is reusable. The nozzle is not sealed and I can reuse this bottle for my DIY sort of things. So yeah 10/10 for packaging

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Fragrance, Consistency & Shade:

As Nathabit Fresh Distilled Floral Jal is a pure organic product, it doesn’t contain any extra unnatural and harmful ingredient. The product is purely made up of rosewater, so the fragrance is of rose and only rose. The consistency is liquid and like normal water. It gets absorbed in the face quickly. Talking about the shade, again it is just like normal water.

My Final Thought

Nathabit Fresh Distilled Floral Jal is a nice product overall. Its fragrance is uplifting and it works well as toner. Truly speaking, it is almost like Dabur Rosewater but may be presented in a better way. It balances the oil content which is a pro for those who have oily skin.  It’s also safe for all skin types, given that it only has ONE INGREDIENT. I love the packaging and it’s reusing factor. Price-wise it is awesome. The only downside is its shelf life. As the product is pure and chemical-free, this last only for a month. It expires after one month of manufacturing date. But I guess this is a good sign, which shows the purity of the product.

Pearls & Pansy Rating- 4.5/5

**Like tiny rose droplets on your face!**

Tell us your favourite toner in the comment section below and feel free to drop us your question in the comments so that we can help you in all possible ways. Follow me on my Instagram page for more skin and hair care tips and information.

XOXO, Cheers!

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