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Stop blowing up your glowing skin in smoke – Quit Smoking

At the end of a long day, smoking a cigarette feels like such a stressbuster. Everyone is aware of how much smoking harms their health, but they still can’t seem to kick the habit and refuse to accept the truth. Every pack of Cigarettes has a disclaimer, and every “anti-tobacco” advertisement highlights the fact that smoking affects your lungs. However, no ad or disclaimer mentions that smoking adversely affects your Skin and Hair. Surprised? Read on!

Smoking makes you look older than you are. It clogs the arteries in your body with nicotine and other chemicals, restricting the access of nutrients to your blood. This stops your entire body from getting oxygen and proper nutrition, affecting your skin and hair too.

  • Premature Skin Ageing– Tobacco smoke releases chemicals that destroy collagen and elastin in your body, considered the building blocks of the skin. This causes your skin to sag and age prematurely. You lose the natural glow of your skin, making it look dull and lifeless.
  • Wrinkles– Smoking causes Lip Lines (around the mouth) and Crow’s Feet (around the eyes) on your face. While inhaling, you overwork specific muscles around your mouth, losing muscle elasticity and causing dynamic wrinkles. Crow’s Feet or Eye Wrinkles are formed as the harmful chemicals in your body affect the sensitive area around your eyes, damaging the skin structure.

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  • Eye Bags– We know that sleep deprivation is the prime cause of Eye Bags, and smoking does just that. Smokers generally tend to have a disturbed sleep, which makes the area around your eyes puffy and look tired.
  • Hair Loss– The toxic chemicals in the smoke cause extensive damage to the hair follicles, speeding up hair loss drastically. That’s not all. Smoking will also cause your hair to grey prematurely. It affects both men and women equally.
  • Yellow Teeth and Fingers– If you are a smoker, then you can say goodbye to your dazzling set of pearly white teeth. The nicotine in the cigarette stains your teeth, turning brown from white. Your teeth start looking ugly and dirty. If you are okay with that, then we have nothing to say. Your fingers and nails also begin to turn yellow just by holding the cigarette.
  • Skin Cancer– You are aware that smoking is a primary cause of cancer in the lungs, throat, mouth, and esophagus. Smoking also increases the risk of Skin Cancer, Lip, and Oral Cavity Cancer.

I hope that you have realized the amount of damage you have caused to your body by now. You have already spend a considerable amount of money on cigarettes, and now you will spend about three times that to undo the damage. Our suggestion, “QUIT SMOKING.” Once you give up the habit, your body will start to heal itself, including your Skin and Hair. The results won’t be instant, but your skin will slowly return to its good health, making it supple and glowing again. Those who find it hard to give up smoking, be regular with exercise and an antioxidant-rich diet to mitigate its effect up to a certain extent. You need to kickstart the healing process by kicking the habit first.

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